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Unleash the Beast

Team Building Course

Unleash the Beast
The Perfect TB Starter

Designed to teach the fundamentals of 'esprit de corps', over the course of four hours your players will transform into a completely different unit compared to anything you've seen before. All while teaching them basic methodologies they will pass on to the rest of the club.

What's Involved?
Team birthing

Players will take part in a series of "evolutions" over the course of four hours at one of our specific venues where we have developed this course to its full potential in order to mold your players into one cohesive unit through time-tested and proven methods of 'team building'. The benefits are:

  1. Character Development
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Genuine Teamwork
  4. Stress Resilience
  5. Performance Under Duress
  6. Enhanced Mental Strength
  7. Unity in the Face of Adversity

Beach v Forest

We run this course in two environments, and of course we have our own two tailored locations here in the North East, but we can easily adapt the course content to another location of the same nature.

Naval Themed

Naval in nature, the beach will test people in ways you could never imagine, and bring them together in ways no other environment can.

Army Themed

The Forest is the infantry soldier's natural environment, but for team building, it's a fantastic place to 'bond people into one' using time tested methods.

What We supply

We supply all the equipment and personnel needed, as well as insurance, which is built into the price of the course. There are specific risk factors that must be run through no matter what, and we have documentation in place for this.

We have been running this course in multiple locations around the world for almost 10 years now, and it proves to be very effective at lighting that fire in the belly of players that then want to rise to the next team building challenge with us.

Cost Effective

We have a minimum booking requirement of 10 people to run 'Unleash the Beast', but we can accommodate up to 40 people in the course, and bookings of 20+ people receive a 10% discount.

Price per person as of 01 January 2024: €55


To book, we need a 50% deposit of the total fee for the number of participants you wish to book. Once you lock the participant number with us, this cannot be changed in the future, so if you believe you may have additional players joining post booking date, best book additional places now, with a minimum of 10 pax up to max 40 pax.

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