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Team Building Course

Cadenced Unification

This course is designed to build stamina, endurance, speed and unification using a time tested and proven team building method.

This course has no room for showboaters...

By the end of the course, everyone will be on par with each other and everyone, everyone, will be equal, thinking as one, performing as, ONE!

What's Involved?
Conditioning, Stretching, Performing

Over a period of 4 weeks, the squad will learn to work as one in a training course designed to help them complete a fixed distance in a specific time that is beyond the average. Our qualified running coaches and PTI's will lead, train and mentor the players over four weeks.

The course starts with a conditioning phase, followed by a stretching phase that pushes the players to higher standards, finally culminating in the performance phase: The Speedmarch itself.

At the end of the course, players will take on the test: Running in formation to achieve a set time, or beat it, over a fixed distance on a reasonably challenging terrain, in full military kit, while singing and speedmarching as "ONE".


We run this course at your training grounds to begin with, culminating in a final test not far from your club grounds.

This will involve running on roads and across reasonably challenging terrain, on a course that we have plotted out together with club officials and can be manned by your club's wider members during the final test.

What We supply

We supply all materials and extras needed to run the course, no matter the location.

Our fee includes the following:

  1. Directing Staff
  2. Comms Equipment
  3. Uniforms for final Speedmarch
  4. Packs for final Speedmarch
  5. Our Travel Costs
  6. Public Liability Insurance

Cost Effective

We have a minimum booking requirement of 10 people to run our 'Speedmarch'' Team Building Course, but we can accommodate up to 60 people in the course.

Price per person as of 01 January 2024: €85


To book, we need a 50% deposit of the total fee for the number of participants you wish to book. Once you lock the participant number with us, this cannot be changed in the future.

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