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The SF Corner stone: 7P's;
Prior planning & preparation prevents piss poor performance.

We live by these simple rules in our line of work, they are the foundation of every "mission", or "game" if you will, that we will ever 'fight/play'.

They're not just words, and they do indeed affect performance in the field! And we test commitment to the 7P's with a simple test we call; The PFR!

PFR Quick Overview
a Pure Fitness Test

This test is a series of seven simple exercises and is designed to measure a player's fundamental fitness levels on par with what we would expect to be the 'bare minimum' in the forces, from which we then help the players evolve and grow to an 'elite' level expected of "Specialist" Soldiers & Sailors.

The test is not like anything players will have experienced before: It's timed, rated and benchmarked against proven elite standards that help improve performance ten-fold!

We also film all of these tests so there can be no dispute regarding results.

How it works

We come to your venue, we set-up and run through how the test works. We then explain clearly how to execute each exercise with correct form and how points are given.

Once the run through is complete, we run the test in staggered groups, each test is filmed.

benefits yielding data

Results are delivered to the club management/training team a couple of days later, no later than 72 hours after the test.

We provide recommendations based off of this data for how the club should proceed with team building from that point on.

Next Steps
No Easy Days...

This test is a simple first rung on the ladder. Once we deliver our recommendations, we will be able to advise what Team Building Course from our catalogue would suit best as a next step.

However, our recommendations may also involve offering advice and plans for physical training for the players prior to taking on one o four other 'team building courses' so as not to injure or damage.

a cost effective performance tool

The test includes all of our admin & travel fees, results assessment and we also deliver a video to the club trainers so they can fully understand how we have evaluated our results.

  • Cost per Test: €900
  • Player Cap: 24
  • DS (Instructors): 2

We have multiple turn-key training plans that are designed to increase performance and enhance results, which in turn enhances morale, team spirit and a sense of competition.

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