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Command & control

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Command & control
Leadership is not what you think!

This course is ALL about leadership, and what that words 'actually' means!

Leaders are not born, they're forged!

Our Command and Control course takes people of all ages, experience and skill-sets to teach what real leadership is.

What's Involved?
Communications, Communications, Communications

This course is slightly less physical than our other military based team building courses, and takes 10 hours in total.

However, it is still Military themed, so participants are thrown into a 'War Room' and presented with a real world military scenario requiring the toughest decision making and team work to succeed. We have 2 versions of the course.

  • Tier 1: run at your offices with limited scenario for a 'Field' Ops Team.

  • Tier 2: run at our facilities in Meath with full scenario for a 'Field' Ops Team.

You Choose!

This can be run on site at the customer's location, it can be at your offices or another venue where we have access to power, screens, computers and internet.

We have our own HQ too, in County Meath, where you and your team can visit us and experience an extra-special version of the course with a 'Field' Ops Team and a 'War Room' Ops Team. Note, this version has a higher cost and does involve some physical work.

What We supply

We supply all materials and extras needed to run the course, no matter the location.

Our fee includes the following:

  1. Specific Course Tools
  2. Proprietary Materials
  3. Directing Staff
  4. Comms Equipment
  5. Our Travel Costs
  6. Public Liability Insurance

Cost Effective

We have a minimum booking requirement of 12 people to run 'Command & Control', but we can accommodate up to 30 people in the course.

Price per person as of 01 January 2024: €85


To book, we need a 50% deposit of the total fee for the number of participants you wish to book. Once you lock the participant number with us, this cannot be changed in the future.

Click here for our "booking form"!

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