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Cammo & Concealment

Team Building Course

Cammo & Concealment
Precision Communications

Designed to teach more than just how to physically operate as a team, this course presents a set of specific problems that must be solved through precision communications, both as a team and opponent!

Watch as individual lstrengths and weaknesses reveal themselves. Watch who breaks down and why, and then watch as they are taught to recover from that break down and learn to harness the potential of each others' strengths, instead of letting petty weaknesses defeat them!

What's Involved?
Map, Compass, Race!

Players will take part in a series of races as smaller teams, that then culminates in a large team race, best suited to small groups of between 12-16, this course is designed to bring first team players together in a way that helps them learn to develop better communications skills, and their own unique language, helping to give them the edge over opponents on the field. Benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Comms Skills
  2. Enhanced Leadership
  3. Genuine Teamwork
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Improved Focus
  6. Enhanced Analytical Skills
  7. Unified Mentality

The Hillier, the better

We can run this course anywhere, however, the hillier and more vegation covered, the better. Forests are perfect, Mountainous terrain with woodlands, even better! Coastal Regions will also work, it's just a little more complex to set-up, and we come in advance to set it all up for you.

We do have our own custom developed course location in the North East, which is ready to rock'n'roll off the bat. This is usually an eight (8) hour course and is far less physically demanding compared with the mental side of it.

What We supply

We supply all the equipment and personnel needed, as well as insurance, which is built into the price of the course. There are specific risk factors that must be run through no matter what, and we have documentation in place for this.

Our fee includes the following:

  1. Custom Route Development
  2. Maps & Compasses
  3. Directing Staff
  4. Proprietary Materials
  5. Our Travel Costs
  6. Public Liability Insurance

Cost Effective

We have a minimum booking requirement of 12 people to run 'Nav101', but we can accommodate up to 16 people in the course.

Price per person as of 01 January 2024: €65


To book, we need a 50% deposit of the total fee for the number of participants you wish to book. Once you lock the participant number with us, this cannot be changed in the future.

Click here for our "booking form"!

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