Working as one


The Challenge of being "ONE":

When a group or people come together to perform a series of tasks, or even just one task, it can either be a raging success, or, a total bag of spanners where nothing works and everyone ends up arguing or quitting!

It happens when groups are called 'teams' but they are still just in fact a bunch of individuals that don't work well together, and it's common place throughout millions of organisations the world over.

So how is the "challenge of working as 'one'" overcome?

It requires specific team building and practices internally that can be taught, where others that have learned from past experiences bring lessons learned and elite practices that enable true 'teams' with 'one' mindset to operate.

In the military, at the most basic level, this is achieved through what we call "drill". It's monotonous, repetitive and quite boring in the long run, but also extremely rewarding. But it takes work, and requires the reprogramming of participants to act quickly to orders given at the drop of a hat.

In civilian life, we're not used to operating like that, and it can seem quite alien to anyone that has never served in uniform to just blindly do whatever they are told, and in civvy street, this would be very realistic.

However, if we look at where most of B2A®'s instructors come from in the forces, we have a specialised background that required all of us tochange our mindset more than once, and evolve into something else with the people with whom we worked to achieve any number of 'missions', or 'goals'/'objectives' in civilian life.

Our backgrounds will often be touted as "Special" this and "Special" that, but none of us, not one of us, thinks we're special, the work we did was though, and highly specialised requiring a specific mindset that allowed us to work as "one" with our fellow 'team' mates.

We had to 'learn' that mindset through specific education, training and bonding that just can't be achieved without one key factor unique to the units we worked in. This 'key factor' is something that can be applied to any walk of life, professional or personal, and we can teach it to any group looking to truly work as one.

The results we yield from this speak for themselves, and we take immense pride in helping others rise to that same level to which we were lifted.

If your organisation wants to overcome the challenge of "Working as One"where groups of people need to perform to the highest standards and achieve only the best results, then get in touch with us today and book a consultation to get ye on the path to performance you've never seen the likes of before.

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