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Leadership is NOT what you think:

Contrart to popular belief, leaders are not born, they're forged!

Leadership is a term used to describe people in positions of 'perceived' power and rarely is it actually used to describe what it really means. Not only that, 80% of the time, the wrong person or people are placed in positions of 'leadership' where they are not only completely out of their depth, but they are totally inadequate to 'lead', full stop.

Leaders are forged from a series of trials and obstacles that have taught them the true meaning and value of 'people'. In the military, leaders are often mistakenly perceived to be "commissioned officers" (the upper management of the armed forces), and whilst this can be true, more times that not, leaders are generally found in the enlisted ranks. Commissioned officers are 'meant' to be leaders, but to be a commissioned officer in the forces all you really need is a college degree and a good background, god forbid you are quite useless at actually getting people to perform or that people don't trust you!

People like to be led by other people that understand them and that they believe in, people that build good rapport with them. In the forces this is usually the non-commissioned officers such as Corporals and Sergeants in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps or Leading Seamen and Petty Officers in the Navy.

Rank and structure is found everywhere in life, from school to the sports grounds and from the office to construction sites, someone is always "answering" to someone else, and the pressures of leading people and following someone else can often lead to conflict instead of performance.

More often than not this happens when those being 'led' don't trust, respect or believe in the person or people leading, and those same people simply 'demand' respect and performance without having earned it the right way.

This is where most leaders make a fundamental mistake, believing that they must prove to their subordinates that they are better than or just as capable as them. Instead of ingratiating themselves to those they are meant to lead, they instead alienate them and cause dissent among the ranks.

In our previous line of work in the armed forces, we knew that everyone had the potential to be a leader, and at any point in a task or objective we may have been called upon to do just that! Lead others in the pursuit of excellence and success. The difference for us was that we had all experienced the bad side of poor leadership and learned what real leadership is, and it can't be explained, it must be experienced to be fully comprehended and applied in future endeavours.

The good news is we can teach this to anyone willing to open themselves up to a) failure and b) learning from that failure so they can grow into a 'true' leader, which has nothing to with them and everything to do with those they are charged with leading!

If your organisation wants to learn what "real" leadership is where people at the heads of 'teams' are not just dictators or 'autocratic' managers, then get in touch with us today and book a consultation to get ye on the path to performance you've never seen the likes of before.

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