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Course Overview
elite team bonding

Building on the Academy24™ team building course, this is the next step up and adds a lot more to the challenge. However, there is one difference, you will be staying at our partner facilities in County Meath with nice beds as a reward for completing Night One.

Enhanced Character Development, Project Planning, Communictions, Leadership and Analysis skills are seriously focused on in this 72 hour course.

What's Involved?
Rewards based challenges...

Night one is spent outdoors, with the goal of completing tasks satisfactorily to secure nice warm, dry and comfy "billets" or "beds".

However, not everyone will make it in, and it's up to everyone to support and help each other to get those covetted billets!

Benefits Include:

  • Improved Communications Skills
  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Expanded Mindsets
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Extremely Well Bonded Personnel

B2A™ Academy Lodge

The 72 Hour version of our Adcademy Team Building Course is run at our Partner Facility in County Meath which has a large open field area, access to a woodland and lovely warm and comfy beds as a reward for succeeding in completing the challenges laid out on day one.

What We supply

We supply all materials and extras needed to run the course:

Our fee includes the following:

  1. Tents
  2. Uniforms
  3. Proprietary Materials & Tools
  4. Directing Staff
  5. Comms Equipment
  6. Daily Meals
  7. Lodge Accommodation
  8. Insurance

Cost Effective

We have a minimum booking requirement of 12 people to run 'Adademy24', but we can accommodate up to 40 people in the course. (10% discount for 35-40 participants)

Price per person as of 01 January 2024: €240


To book, we need a 50% deposit of the total fee for the number of participants you wish to book. Once you lock the participant number with us, this cannot be changed in the future.

Click here for our "booking form"!

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